Web Designer
The job of a Web Designer is a demanding job as the technology involved and surrounded by it is ever changing and challenging in keeping up with constant innovations and change.
To become a Web Designer one must have the patience, creativity, and vision for not only creating a great website but the flexibility to know things will always change.
The education required is coursework in learning how the World Wide Web (W3C)
works, who invented it, how it interacts globally, and how important it will be to your customers in helping them send their message about their products and services. Learning to code a website requires knowledge of it's computer language, HTML, and a current developing tool such as software like Dreamweaver.
Web Designers
can be hired by companies to work on teams or as freelance independent contractors. They can be paid by the hour or by the project for a flat fee and their pay range varies from $20 per hour to a project flat fee of anywhere from $200 to $1500 depending on the type of website desired and features the site will incorporate.

The You Tube video below gives you an insight to the world of Web Design.

Databases for more information on web design

Web Design Databases:

Delectable is a contemporary web design database for web designers and developers.

The CIW Database Design Specialist course provides introductory vendor-neutral
training for individuals planning to pursue product-focused database specialization. This course introduces you to DB2, Oracle Database 11g, MS SQL and mySQL. You will also learn about Structured Query Language (SQL) and database optimization through

This web database lets people find, browse, and modify database information using
just a web browser. Browse through an online store for books, clothes, or pet supplies, etc any of which are a database.

Private Investigator

The world of the Private Investigator (PI) has changed greatly due to the volumes of information that can be retreived via the Internet. To save time and expenses and to provide quick reliable service to your clients being a skilled researcher and master of search techniques and resources will take you far in this profession.
In this field a PI can be hired by the hour or by the assignment and will probably entail a mix of either research on the Internet, surveillance, document retreival, to expert witness in a court case.
Patience, determination, persistence, and a high degree of intelligence and common sense will help a PI succeed in completing their assigned task.
In addition to having training and coursework in research techniques, experience or education in criminal law or law enforcement can help reduce the learning skills required and desired for a person entering this profession.
The pay varies from working with a retail establishment in Loss Prevention of the theft of goods by patrons on an hourly basis. Video surveillance in a casino or high risk of theft area, or hired privately for a fee of $50 to $200 an hour or a flat fee based on the agreed upon time negotiated, including in most cases related expenses.
PI's also can verify employment and criminal records for companies interested in hiring prospective employees.

The You Tube video below can give you an insight to the world of Private Investigator.

Databases for Private Investigators

Private Investigation Databases:

IQ Data
IQ Data's search capabilities, access records of digitized public documents. Document retrieval services are available for every jurisdiction in the United States, including Secretary of States, County Criminal / Civil / UCC / Tax Lien / Judgment, U.S. District & Bankruptcy courts. Documents are delivered via mail, fax or electronic delivery to your desktop computer.
IRB Search
IRBsearch serves investigative professionals.They are exclusive to private
investigators, process servers, bail bondsmen, judgment recovery and repossession specialists.

Dedicated to the idea that all citizens should have access to all of the records that
government collects in real-time access to Public Records. PublicData.com purchases all of its data from various government entities and is not subsidized by any government agency.


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