Baseball is America's favorite sport and commonly referred to as the nations national pastime. It was invented by Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, N.Y. in the late 1800's and has been a common sports topic for the media from books to film to music and radio.

Baseball has a rich history of players and stories of fame, fortune, heartbreak, despair, anticipation, and of victory and defeat. The statistics and records of each players performance has been cataloged in the Baseball Hall of Fame which is located in Cooperstown and is the official library and curator of Major League Baseball history and it's artifacts.

The museum provides a look and tribute to the sports history and it's progress in the beginning through the addition of the Negro Leagues, through modern day games, moments, and stories.

Meet the Icebreaker: E. Miklich, 2007, www.19cbaseball. com
           No curves thrown here you get the hard fastball facts on the beginning of the game, its birth and its introduction into the world of sports.

An Annotated Bibliography

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           Have you ever been thrown a spitter, a slider, how about a knuckleball scarecrow, learn how the game evolved and what you will need to know to be a successful manager.

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           So you’re a strict numbers guy in managing your lineup you’ll be burning the midnight oil going over these stats. If it were me I’d take the pitcher who became a home run king, hitting them.

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           Build your lineup before the draft with this website, no speak English, this site has a translation program in Espanola.  Good place to find your Latin players.

Historic Baseball, n.d.,  Not the best ballpark to play in but:
           You get first pick in the draft if you find the distant relative of mine who won 40 games (in one year) for the White Sox as a pitcher. I’ll give you a clue it was in the last year the Cubs won the World Series. Go figure. This is a quick World Series reference site.

James A. Riley, Black baseball's Negro Baseball Leagues, 2011,
           This ballpark left unseen by many carries a legacy of fabulous players with unrivaled talent shamefully hidden from our national pastime. The shame will be if don’t find at least one of these players for your team.

P. Mills, 2003,
           If you’re looking for some unsung heroes who played just because they loved to play. You will find them here. The scouts don’t have much information on these forgotten guys so you will surprise other teams by placing them in your lineup. Once you play them they won’t be forgotten.

Baseball steroid era, 2006-2010,
           Looking for some supermen on your team? If you can get away with it you might find some baseball super heroes that recently blasted the record books but don’t let the commissioner catch you in the baseball steroid era.

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            Latest information and updates you will need to send your team into the future, but it will cost you. These guys don’t play for ballpark peanuts anymore. I hope you have a big wallet; you are going to need it.

Fantasy Baseball Hub, 1997,
         Well its draft day and you’ll need this site to set up your league and form your teams. Elect a commissioner; you might need one with this site and all its apps.

Headings and Classification

Baseball managers LC Subject Headings :Baseball--Managers ; Baseball for children--Managers ; Managers, Baseball       sh85012043

Baseball fields LC Subject Headings:   Ball parks ; Ballparks ; Baseball diamonds ; Baseball stadiums ; Diamonds, Baseball ; Fields, Baseball    sh85012039

Baseball injuries LC Subject Headings:  Baseball--Accidents and injuries ; Baseball players--Wounds and injuries     sh85012027

Baseball LC Classification :Fine Arts--Visual arts--Special subjects of art--Other special subjects (alphabetically)--A - Industry--Baseball ; Baseball in art 2.   N8217.B36

Baseball LC Classification: Music and Books on Music--Music--Vocal music--Secular vocal music--Songs of specific groups or on specific topics--By topic, A-Z--Collections--Sports--Baseball ; Baseball--Songs and music 3.     M1977.S713

Baseball LC Classification: Music and Books on Music--Music--Vocal music--Secular vocal music--Songs of specific groups or on specific topics--By topic, A-Z--Separate works--Sports--Baseball ; Baseball--Songs and music  M1978.S713


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